Carefully Crafted Countertops Make All the Difference

Many homes in the U.S. have not had serious interior renovations since the 1980’s. Their style can be a bit outdated. Their countertops aren’t as strong, stylish, or aesthetically-pleasing as most modern homeowners want them to be. This means you may have to settle for what you have when you move in.

At Joslin’s Cabinet Company, we don’t think that is right. We think you should get what you want for your own home!

That is why we offer the industry’s strongest, most stunning countertop choices for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Our local company can work with you from start to finish to determine the best type of countertop for your unique tastes. Quartz, granite, marble, laminate, Formica – everything is custom-made from us in the thickness you want and the exact measurements you need.

And we don’t stop at just kitchens either! We can install bathroom countertops, indoor/outdoor bar area countertops, countertops for undermounted sinks, and any other place that needs this special accent. At Joslin’s Cabinet Co. we have digital technology that cuts down to the exact centimeter, and we can create the perfect edge profile for your custom project.

The ordering and fabrication takes approximately 2 weeks, so please allow enough time for the whole process. Once your unique countertop is installed, we know you’ll wonder how you ever lived with anything else.

For more information about our countertops, or to schedule your personalized installation appointment, please don’t hesitate to come into our showroom or call us at 812-379-1392.

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